What does it mean to be High Level?

HBA is finally creating a new product.

High Level is a brand new concept to prepare for certification training, industry innovations, and much, much more!

A player’s journey will start in a Debriefing Room to review a Business Case to determine an approach to solve. Once the approach is well defined, the player will head into the War Room to work with the rest of the team towards the case’s goal(s).

Don’t fret! There will be a Training Room chuck full of information to help prepare the player for Implementation.

What’s next? During game play, every choice, every action, and even every training received will be captured and will allow the player to view their progress and know what % of skill set they have achieved.

But there is more! For those that have achieved the skill set needed to apply/sit for a certification we will display that as well. Can’t afford the certification fees? Don’t worry – we will have a scholarship program built in!

Stay tuned!