Everyone “should” have a MENTOR and we can be “YOURS“!  Schedule your FREE consultation today!

  • Are you considering the career of a Business Analyst?  Maybe a Project Manager?
  • Are you already a Business Analyst and want to climb to the next level?
  • Do you need to Assess your skills?
  • How about your Project?


The Handy BA wants to help:

2 thoughts on “Mentoring”

  1. After leaving the workforce to raise my family, The Handy BA was an essential partner to my reentry back into my career. Making it seamless. From aiding me to translate my skill set and passion to a viable resume, to landing a role that fit that skill set. Their continous coaching and mentoring was a huge part of that happening. Words cannot express my gratitude. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today with all of their coaching and mentoring!

  2. A thorough situation analysis that was performed by the Handy BA during several mentoring sessions allowed me to understand a hidden controversy between goals of project stakeholders and certain principles of corporate culture of my then employer. I left with a short list of action items that I was able to complete and thus improve overall project health.


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