Broward County Support

These are certainly trying times and no one knows that more than HBA! We feel so strong about helping businesses recover we relocated right in the center of Florida’s most critical county.

We have been welcomed through these South Florida Chapters: RIMS, IIBA, and most important PMI.

Watch soon for a way to hear us share more about VALUE and how we are supporting the Project Economy

H B A adds B.S.B.A Credentials!

The educational sabbatical has come to an end and we are so excited to add the skills to what we offer!

  • Porter’s 5 Forces
  • Value Propositions
  • Assessing Financial Statements
  • Strategy Management

Math – Money – Motivation

H B A is engaged in another semester at UCF so we can serve you more with Quantitative Business Tools II, Finance, Accounting, and some Career Development to help those in transition.

Stay tuned!

HBA Grabs More Value to Share

Here we go!  As if certifying HBA in International Business wasn’t enough, stepping into the mecca of the Millennials will help us bridge this huge gap between “us” and “them”.  We need to pass the torch to these young pioneers; but do we really need to?

HBA is heavily engaged in Organizational Leadership, Marketing Strategy, Qualitative Analysis, and Managerial Accounting this term and the value we will be gaining will help bring us all to define clearer towards the “best in class” solutions we all desperately need.


As I am learning this new culture – at UCF we say, “GO KNIGHTS!