Job Hunt Scams

Sad but true.

Today’s market is tough enough.  Competing against professionals with over 20 years of experience, highly educated candidates, and those that are heavily certified poses challenges for all of us that are ready and willing to work.  So now we have to differentiate between headhunters who are genuine and those that are just posting roles to gain our PI to sell?

Three sites have recently been scrutinized for just that:  The Ladders, Toronto Pathways [we couldn’t locate this one online any longer], and (this one even shocked us) LinkedIn.

Ask the HeadHunter bears all in their article from October 19, 2015.  Read it here!


At The Handy BA, we are NOT in the business to scam you or steal your money!  We are in the business to help 🙂

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Calling all Orlando Business Analysts!

Coming soon, The Handy BA will be hosting a meet and greet in the Orlando area for all Business Analysts, Project Managers, and upcoming professionals that are looking for insight, direction, and mentoring.

We will be sharing some of the services we can provide to help your career,  including some “snip-its” from our workshop series, “Agile:  No more excuses to be Lazy! How to Gather the Right Requirements –  Just in Time”.


All we need is you!


Let us know if you are interested in this event and what you hope to gain so we can tailor the session to meet your needs.


Space will be limited.  Contact us today to reserve your space.


There is no fee for this event.

Boston Project Summit 2014

Another year of symposiums have concluded at the Project Summit/Business Analyst World conference held every year in Burlington, MA.

This year we again presented the “Agile – No more excuses to be LAZY! How to Gather the Right Requirements – Just in Time” mini-workshop with a small twist.

Last year, we introduced this hands-on presentation with a Business Case Study
based on a systems problem. The session was packed, well received and finished in under 70 minutes. Diversified Communication was happy to welcome us back this year.

All of the changes we are seeing from geographic area to geographic area, industry to industry, we decided to switch gears and have the Business Case Study based on a business process.

Did we have the same results?