“Tell It Like It Is!”

April 22 – April 26, 2021

DEERFIELD BEACH. Fla. – Apr. 5, 2021 – We all know that project failures, missed acceptance criteria, out of control scopes, and the worst of them all, those MISSED opportunities are all horrible outcomes we face even more so today than ever before.


I think its those poorly defined roadmaps and project plans that are usually the culprit or the cause of a hostile environment (yeah that one really is no fun. Don’t worry we will show you how to navigate that tunnel).

This summit is all about helping you to organize “your spaghetti” from simple to complex challenges that you keep facing. (We will even teach you how to say NO!)

I have asked with open heart to the many experts in the innovation and product management space, along with some very solid Agile Coaches and Instructors, that influenced me to be, well the Handy BA for one, to bring YOU some FREE value!

I want you to meet these talented respected individuals and see the truth that they excise:

Fadi Stephan, Technology Executive, Agile Coach and Trainer | Matthew Thompson, Founder at Driven Leadership Solutions, Management Consultant at i3 Consulting, PMP®/PMI-ACP® Exam Prep Instructor, Veterati Mentor | Rod Lance Morton, President & CEO at Morton Imagine Company | Dawn Mahan, International Speaker♦Award-Winning Consultant♦Creator ProjectFlo® Learning System♦Veterans Advocate♦American Lung Board | Cat Dowling, The John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker | Eric Patel, Chief Innovation Officer at BostonExO | William [Wagz] Wagner, Management/Leadership Coach and Consultant / Continuous Improvement Consultant / Project Management and Change Management Consultant | plus a few surprises…

Yes they are that great…

We have also been graced with some of the folks that were my mentors and leaders that have made this all possible! They were my pushers. The ones that always threw me a rope to try again and sometimes again and again….they always knew I would get it right!

Oh yeah, we are also putting together some Q&A sessions to get you even more answers to your questions. Some of you will even be able to participate LIVE and everyone will be able to watch.

I think we are even planning on broadcasting live from the Summit in our first Podcast – I might need some help from you to inspire and guide us.

There are a few projects we are working on that need some help – I know you guys can help us! Its a great way to be interactive and apply some of these skills you will pick up during the summit, no doubt. These will be our workshops.

Our BACKSTAGE PASS is all you need to join live sessions. The FRONT ROW PASS will give you access too a few too.

I heard there are some of the UCF IB students that might have some questions for our panelists too – we will have a STUDENT PASS geared just for this type of activity with some additional add-ons available if they want some more emersion. Contact us at info@handyba.com for the 50% discount.

Can’t wait to see everyone!

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