Tools of the Trade – The Business Analyst Toolbox

Presented in 2017

Enterprises encounter many challenges in today’s marketplace. All too often, the Business Analyst (BA) is put into place to turn business challenges, without a lot of support or understanding of what is really needed, into workable solutions. Whether IT is in a traditional Waterfall project management environment or an Agile environment, the BA must have a work-ready toolbox to fit each and every situation.

Tools of the Trade – The Business Analyst Toolbox, is something you don’t want to miss!

In this session, The Handy BA, provides proven tools that have been used time and time again to help solve the common “problems” Business Analyst’s are faced with everyday.

Business Cases will be used to illustrate the faced challenges along with specifically chosen tools that have been used to drive efficient and productive solutions for teams across multiple industries including eCommerce, Insurance, and Government Agencies.

Hands-on exercises and easy explanations will provide the know-how to use the tools immediately as well as helping steer those looking for direction, those yearning to be a “Handy-BA” and those wanting to know how to become the “best of the best”.

Some of the tools highlighted include: Agenda, Baseline Assessment, Risk Mitigation Chart, Ishikawa (Fishbone) diagram, Traceability Matrix, Executive Summary, and Problem Selection Matrix.